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About me

I'm a Canadian freelance digital illustrator and designer based in the UK, working remotely with clients worldwide. I have twelve years of professional experience in advertising, design, and illustration and a deep, lifelong love of Japanese culture, language, and education. I've worked with clients of all sizes including A List Apart, Nokia Withings, Simply Accessible, and I have also illustrated a book for Scholastic UK. I'm the author of Color Accessibility Workflows published by A Book Apart and I speak about the topic at conferences worldwide.

Contact information

To get in touch, please email me at You can also check out my side project's website at Geri Draws Japan and follow me on Instagram. My full CV/resume is available upon request

Selected Works

Tokyo coffee

Tokyo Coffee Guide

These illustrations were created for a new project where I highlight my favourite independent cafes, roasteries, and talented baristas all across Tokyo. This was an opportunity to explore a more detailed style while studying all the charming aspects of Japanese interior and exterior shop design that I adore.

Tokyo coffee Tokyo coffee Tokyo coffee Tokyo coffee Tokyo coffee
100 Days of Japan

100 Days of Japan

For this project, I illustrated one thing I loved about Japanese culture per day for 100 consecutive days. The resulting collection features a vast variety of everyday and obscure objects including food, instruments, traditional clothing, animals, pop culture, mythology, and more. Sharing this collection with my viewers on social media was the perfect opportunity not only to show my artwork, but teach others about more obscure aspects of Japanese culture they may not have known about before.

Greeting Card Illustrations Greeting Card Illustrations Greeting Card Illustrations Greeting Card Illustrations

Greeting Card Illustrations

As part of my Geri Draws Japan project, these illustrations were created for an ongoing series of greeting cards for Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, and more. The style is intended appeal to both Western and Japanese audiences of all ages and thoughtfully incorporate elements of Japanese culture.

Blog illustration

Geri Draws Japan: Blog Illustrations

My blog, Geri Draws Japan, features a number of articles with Japan-related topics ranging from travel to recipes and more. Instead of the typical photography normally featured on such travel blogs, I illustrate custom images to suit the content of each article.

Blog illustration Blog illustration Blog illustration Blog illustration Blog illustration
Boxset by Rachel Andrew

Boxset by Rachel Andrew

This illustration for UK-based web developer, author, and speaker Rachel Andrew was created for a website intended to consolidate her vast body of work into one place to share with the tech community. The goal of the illustration was to represent Rachel’s personality through depicting her real-life workspace.

The Other Pole

The Other Pole

These illustrations were created for The Other Pole, a French company focussed on supporting and coaching new entrepreneurs. The company refers to entrepreneurship as a mountain that they want to help their clients conquer together. The illustrations were intended for use in the header of their new website and changes four times a day to reflect dawn, day, dusk, and night.

The Other Pole The Other Pole The Other Pole
Withings achievement badges Withings achievement badges

Withings Achievement Badges

This series of illustrated badges was created for health and fitness company Withings Nokia. Their most well-known products include the Activité smart watch, the Pulse fitness tracker, and the Withings wireless scales. I was asked to create a set of over 50 achievement badges to inspire their users by relating personal achievement to real-world distances and elevations—from the highest mountains to the longest rivers.

Brokers Direct

Brokers Direct

This illustration was commissioned by Ashley Baxter for her UK-based insurance company, Brokers Direct. The goal of the illustration was to bring a more personal, handmade touch to her website and stand out in an industry typically dominated by men.

Brokers Direct
Geri Draws Japan products Geri Draws Japan products Geri Draws Japan products

Geri Draws Japan: Product Design

The illustrations I did for my original 100 Days of Japan project have been incorporated into many different products that I sell at Japanese-related markets in the UK. My goal is to create products that appeal to both Western and Japanese senses through carefully considered packaging design and presentation.

New Adventures magazine

New Adventures 2019 Conference

In 2018-2019 I helped organize and plan the New Adventures web design conference held in Nottingham, UK. I was responsible for the entire design, illustration, and layout for the New Adventures magazine given to conference attendees, as well as miscellaneous giveaways such as enamel pins, stickers, and limited edition coffee.

New Adventures magazine New Adventures enamel pins New Adventures and Outpost Coffee